Thursday, June 04, 2015

Pema Mandala - Summer 2015


The 2015 Summer PBC Pema Mandala magazine is being printed now and will soon ship to everyone on the PBC mailing list!
This is a special "Three Yana" magazine this year, since it includes Venerable Khenpo Rinpoches' teachings on all levels of Buddhist study and practice: Basic Buddhism, Mind Only School, Madhyamaka, Shentong/Buddha-nature, Vajrayana, and Dzogchen, as well as lots of gorgeous photos, PBC project updates, and sponsorship opportunities!
Pema Mandala is created entirely from donations and volunteers.
As an offering to the Sangha, over 22 issues of Pema Mandala (both printed and digital versions) have been given out for Free!

If you're not on the PBC Mailing List and would like us to mail you the new magazine, please write to us with your address, and consider making a small donation to support the printing and mailing costs: